My Thesis Project aStridd Music EPK


IMG_0006Title: My Thesis Project aStridd EPK  


Tagline: aStridd is name that describes our group and how we sound…. ethereal but strong. Also astridd has expanded to a concept


Genre: Musical Promotional, EPK


Description: I have the intention of this project is the beginning of a career full of events and shows .I also want to go and specialize in recording concerts with live music. This Thesis Project will test what is to come in my performance as a cinematographer. This is an EPK where my intention is to promote even more to this formidable band of Brooklyn New York. All of them are young graduates of Berklee College of Music and their repertoire consists of original songs. Yasser Tejeda is in charge of the music of the band aStridd the compositions and musical arrangements while Jill Peacock this in charge of the lyrics to all the songs they interpret.


The astridd band is a product of the work and effort of these two young and good would learn their names because they look like artists that later but more people are going to meet them. Because I say this? Why more and more presentations in the city of New York presentations are more successful and good chemistry with the audience that follows. For a band so young they have had adequate success and already have their first CD and a respectable amount of quality videos with live performances in the city of New York. Do not miss the opportunity to support talent fighting and working to achieve good things also come and join us! you continue with more and better music with aStridd Music Band. Our next step will make a short movie with lots of good music also included.


Keywords: Brooklyn, New York, Jill Peacock, Yasser Tejeda, Live Band, Live Music EPK, Music Promotion EPK, Full Sail University, My Thesis Project EPK.

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